Earlier this year, my article “Druids and Ferries” was reprinted in the Guardian Stewardship collection Bohemian Highways: Art & Culture Abide Then Divide Along the California Coast. My article was about the hidden Marin “unintentional community” Druid Heights, as well as Alan Watts’ residence on the Vallejo ferry, and you can read it here. I’ve be reading into the volume more, and it’s really terrific and tastefully designed. I was particularly blown away by reading Ted Roszak’s “From Satori to Silicon Valley,” a long 1986 essay that traces the same Whole Earth connections between the freaks and the geeks that Fred Turner later thickened in his important history From Counterculture to Cyberculture (note the echoing name). Roszak, who I got to meet before he died and seemed a wonderful man, definitely had his eye on the ball: the essay is a must-read now that the freak legacy of tech is rearing its Burning Man, ayahausca-guzzling, world-changing head again.