November 13, 2007

I am very pleased to announce that, despite the fact that Robert “the Dean” Christgau loathed Joanna Newsom’s last full-length, my ridiculously long Arthur profile of the singer-songwriter appears in the new 2007 edition of Da Capo’sBest Music Writing, ir?t=techgnosis-20&l=as2&o=1&a=030681561 which Christgau edited. I just got the volume, so I’ve only skimmed, but I am pleased to be sharing the dead tree bits with lots of folks I like and admire, including Jonathan Lethem, Douglas Wolk, Kelefa Sanneh, and Jane Dark. Lots of folks I don’t know I look forward to reading too, cause while my musical tastes often diverge from the Dean, my faith in the guy’s taste writing part of music writingto demonstrate that “the music I imperialistically call rock and roll continues to inspire more acute, original, informative, engaging, funny, and idiosyncratic writing than can be stuffed into a 300-page book.” Glad to know my labor of love made the grade.