I am pleased as spiked punch to announce that my article “Babalon Rising: Jack Parsons’ Witchcraft Prophecy” will be included in a terrific new Three Hands collection of writings on Thelema’s great Goddess, A Rose Veiled in Black: Arcana and Art of Our Lady Babalon. My article investigates how Parsons, hopped up on Thelema, pulp fantasy, and his own sexual imagination, both continued and significantly transformed Crowley’s portrait of Babalon in ways that anticipated the feminist witchcraft to come. It is only a small slice of a volume that includes folks like Richard Kaczynski, Daniel A Schulke, and the woodcut artist Liv Rainey-Smith. I love books like this, which combine scholars, artists, practitioners–and, of course, scholar/artist/practitioners!

Here are the details from Three Hands Press:

A Rose Veiled in Black

Art and Arcana of Our Lady Babalon

Edited by Robert Fitzgerald and Daniel A. Schulke


The Lady Babalon is one of the more enigmatic figures in the Cult of Thelema. She is a manifold deity in the sense that She is a divine harlot, an initiatrix, a creator and a destroyer. In representative form, the letters of Her name encompass an heptogrammic star; yet She lies beyond mere representation, and Her star signifies only the powers of Her train and not the station of Her immanence. She is the unsignified, a cipher conveying manifestation, and yet the veritable seal of the invisible Order of Illuminated Adepts. In Her subtle and etheric anatomy flows the life-blood of the Saints – the All-Living – and in this is Her deepest mystery, for, as it is written, in the Gospels, and in Aleister Crowley’s Liber 418, ‘The Blood is the Life.”

A ROSE VEILED IN BLACK is the second volume in Three Hands Press’ Western Esotericism in Context Series which began with Hands of Apostasy. The book is a potent gathering of twelve essays and rituals of Babalon by scholars, practitioners, and allies of Thelema, dedicated wholly unto the manifest contemplation of Her Mystery. Exploring occult themes of sacrifice, magical liberation, prophecy, witchcraft, and abomination, it marks a watershed publication for the discourse on this important and previously neglected aspect of Thelemic Studies. The written works are enhanced by an offering of original and visionary art from contemporary practitioners, each exploring Her magical arcana from a ritually embodied perspective.

Contributors include:

Amodali, Gordan Djurdjevic, Richard Kaczynski, Manon Hedenborg-White, Erik Davis, Liv Rainey-Smith, Robert C. Stein, Barry William Hale, Grant Potts, Mitchell Nolte, Caroline Wise, Robert Fitzgerald, Nicole DiMucci Potts, Timo Ketola, Daniel A. Schulke, Hana Lee, Frater A.I., Sarah Lindsay

With an anticipated release at All Hallows, the book is 264 pages, with numerous images in both color and black and white. It is now available for pre-order in two editions:

• A standard hardcover edition with dust jacket, limited to 2,500 copies

• A deluxe hardcover edition quarter-bound in scarlet goat and marbled paper, limited to 77 copies

Both books are now available for pre-order from the Three Hands Press