• PhD, Rice University, Department of Religion, 2015; certificate in the GEM (Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism) program
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Yale University, 1988; Magna cum laude


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    2000:  Maggie Award from the Western Publication Association for Best Profile: “Alien Views,” San Francisco Magazine
    1988:  Henry Strong Prize for American literary history, Yale University
    1987:  Curtis Prize for excellence in English composition, Yale University


    • Instructor, “The Creative Cultural Essay,” Rice University, Department of English, Fall 2011
    • Lecturer, “The Archetype of the Trickster,” Pacifica Graduate Institute, Spring 2010
    • Lecturer, “Technology and Popular Culture,” Technoculture Studies, University of California, Davis, Winter 2007
    • Lecturer, “The Spiritual and Visionary in Modern Art,” Department of Art Practice, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2006
    • “The Occult in America,” seminar, Esalen Institute, with Mitch Horowitz, Spring 2010
    • Online course, “Writing Extraordinary Experience,” Maybe Logic Academy, March 2010
    • Visiting Writer, Goddard College, Port Townsend, February 2010
    • Visiting Writer, Goddard College, Vermont, January 2010
    • Online course, “The Magickal Realism of H.P. Lovecraft,” Maybe Logic Academy, November 2009
    • Lecturer, “A Brief History of the Phantasm,” Pacifica Graduate Institute, Fall 2009
    • Online course, “Gnosis Now!” Maybe Logic Academy, February 2009
    • Online course, “The Crazy Wisdom of Philip K. Dick,” Maybe Logic Academy, September 2007
    • “The Visionary State,” seminar, Esalen Institute, Spring 2005
    • “The Altered State: California’s Spiritual Heritage,” seminar, California Institute for Integral Studies, Winter 2003
    • “Trialogues for a New Millennium 2,” seminar, Esalen Institute, with Douglas Rushkoff and Mark Pesce, Summer 2002
    • “Trialogues for a New Millennium,” seminar, Esalen Institute, with Douglas Rushkoff and Mark Pesce, Summer 2001
    • “The Metaphysics of Cyberspace,” Department of Philosophy and Cosmology, co-taught with Professor David Ulansey, California Institute of Integral Studies, Spring 1998



    • Breaking Convention, London: “The Weirdness of Being”
    • Roxie Cinema, San Francisco: “The Holy Haight: How the Counterculture Changed American Religion”
    • Keynote, Meshanim Todaa (Altered Minds) Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel: “Psychedelic Futures”
    • Zig Zag Zen event, Spirit Rock, California: “Buddhism and Altered States”
    • Oddball Cinema, San Francisco: “The Holy Haight: How the Counterculture Changed American Religion Forever”


    • Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn: “The Psychedelic Book of the Dead”
    • Occult Humanities Conference, NYU, New York: “Swallowing the Stone with the Brothers McKenna”


    • Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rice University: “Re-Animism”
    • Gnostic Countercultures, Rice University: “Stranger in a Strange Land: Philip K. Dick’s Gnostic Script”
    • Psychedelic Society, San Francisco: “Psychedelic Culture at the Crossroads”


    • Religion in California, University of California Berkeley: “Babalon Rising: Jack Parsons’ Wiccan Prophecy”
    • Artist’s Week, Adelaide Festival, Australia: “Object Oriented Animism”
    • ATA, San Francisco: “Rick Griffin’s Flying Eyeball”,/li>
    • Art PhD Symposium, “Neo-Medievalisms,” Goldsmith’s, London: “The Neo-Medieval”
    • “In Conversation: Desirée Holman,” Di Rosa, Napa, CA, 2014


    • Gallery Tour, Hayward Gallery, UK, “The Alternative Guide to the Universe”
    • Breaking Convention, London: “The Psychedelic Book of the Dead”
    • Arts Catalyst, London: “The New Animism”
    • Maryland Institute College of Art: “The Art of Rick Griffin”
    • Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK: “Object Oriented Animism”
    • James Turrell: Ecologies of Art, Architecture, and Theory, 3CT, Rice University: “James Turrell’s Cosmic Machines”
    • Jung Center, Houston: “Steve Jobs: The Shadow, the Wound, and the Genius Behind Apple”
    • Haverford College: “Object-Oriented Animism”
    • Promega Bioethics Forum: “Shamanism 2.0”


    • The Paul and Marie Castelfranco Lectures in Religion and Common Understanding, UC Davis: “Steve Jobs: California Visionary”
    • Philip K. Dick: Worlds Our of Joint, Dortmund University, Germany: “How I Learned to Love the Exegesis and So Can You”
    • The Philip K. Dick Festival, San Francisco State: “PKD and Religious Studies”
    • Rockwell Symposium: Crafting Knowledge, Rice University: “The Psychedelic Book of the Dead”
    • Respondent, Divinatory Traditions in East Asia, Rice University
    • The Jung Center, Houston: “Philip K. Dick’s Religious Experience”


    • Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Rice University: “The Paranormal and California Consciousness”
    • Religion and Literature Association, Iowa State University: “Reading the Hymn of the Pearl”
    • British Museum: panelist for “Out of this World: Science Fiction Not As You Know It”
    • Jung Center, Houston: “Technology and the Soul”
    • MU Gallery, Eindhoven, NL: “Cybernetic Psychedelia”


    • After Humanism, Williams College: “The Spiritual Cyborg”
    • SLSA 2010, Indianapolis: “Reading the Exegesis”
    • Horizons, New York: “Between Natural and Supernatural”
    • The Philip K. Dick Festival, Colorado: “Phil Dick’s Dreaming Books”
    • Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, UC Berkeley: “Ayahuasca Culture”
    • CIIS, San Francisco: “The Century of the Self,” with Fernando Castrillon


    • Mapping Sacred Ground, Bade Museum, Graduate Theological Union: “Visionary State”
    • Northwest Film Forum, Seattle: “Aleister Crowley on Film”
    • California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco: “Cyborgs, Singularities and the Wild”
    • Oddball Cinema, San Francisco: Media Ecology Salon
    • Silent Movie Theater, “Occult Los Angeles”
    • Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles: “Esoteric California”
    • Equinox Festival, London: “A Brief History of the Imagination”
    • The Supernatural and Popular Culture, Esalen, California: “Led Zeppelin”


    • Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona: “Philip K. Dick and the Problem of Religious Experience”
    • Silent Movie Theatre, Los Angeles: “Occult LA”
    • Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France: “Techgnosis Today”
    • ATA, San Francisco: “Their Satanic Majesties”
    • Liminal Village, Boom festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal: “Wake Up and Dream”
    • Next Nature, Los Angeles: “Analog vs. Digital”
    • Ojai Foundation, Ojai: co-led “Visionary Practice” weekend


    • Wayne State University: “Cybernetic Subjectivity”
    • Metageum, Birgu, Malta: “Speaking the Stones”
    • Summer Art Criticism Conference, San Francisco Art Institute: Guest seminar leader
    • University of San Francisco: “Led Zeppelin”
    • Santa Rosa Junior College: “The Visionary State”
    • Mindstates, Costa Rica: “Waking Life,” “Philip K. Dick’s Bardo Visions”
    • BLDGBLG SF, California College Arts: “The Visionary State”
    • Experience Music Project, Seattle, Pop Music Studies: “The Analog Ethic”
    • Sonoma County Book Festival, discussion with Johan Raskin


    • Beat Generation and Beyond, John Natsoulos Center for the Arts, Davis, CA: “The Visionary State”
    • Bioneers: panel, “Shamanic Plants and the Fate of the Earth”
    • UnBlinking: A Cross-Disciplinary Symposium, UC Berkeley: “Picture Book”
    • Charming and Crafty: Witchcraft and Paganism in Contemporary Media, Harvard University: “Led Zeppelin’s Mass Arcanum”
    • Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights, Stanford University: “The Posthuman Self”
    • Arthur Ball, Los Angeles: “Analog and Digital”
    • Integral Daylong, San Francisco: “Modern Spirituality”


    • SFAI, San Francisco: “The Alchemy of Trash”
    • Synergenesis II, San Francisco: “Spiritual Practice”
    • LAPOV festival, Los Angeles: “Visionary Design”
    • In:Vision festival, British Columbia: “Visionary Design”
    • Santa Monica Museum of Art: “Spiritual Abstractions”
    • Experience Music Project, Seattle, Pop Music Studies: “Magick Man: The Occult Productions of Jimmy Page”


    • ICA, London: “Burning Man”
    • Transmediale 04, Berlin, Germany: “Burning Man”
    • Gage Conference, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, UK: “Mesmerized”
    • Horse Hospital, London: “Dark Energy” (with Ken Hollings)
    • Altered States and Spiritual Awakening, San Francisco: “California Consciousness”
    • Awe to Action, San Francisco: moderator, Larry Harvey and John Perry Barlow
    • Exploring Consciousness, Bath Spa University, UK: “Media and Consciousness”
    • Mindstates, Oaxaca, Mexico: “Media and Consciousness,” “The Visionary State”


    • Association of Consumer Research, Toronto, CA: “Virtual Commodities”
    • York University, Toronto, CA: “Burning Man”
    • Strange Attractor, London Theosophical Society, UK: “Cosmic Sounds”
    • ATA, San Francisco, “Psychedelic Film”
    • Altered States and Spiritual Awakening, San Francisco, panel moderator
    • Mindstates IV, “Entering the Matrix”
    • Palenque Norte, Burning Man: “Beyond Belief”
    • Headspace, Burning Man: “Gnosticism”


    • Dynamic Mythologies Tent, Boom Festival, Portugal, “Bardo Training”
    • Keynote, Subtle Technologies conference, Toronto: “Experience Design”
    • Moderator, SFMOMA panel, “The Digital Museum”
    • Experience Music Project, Seattle, Pop Music Studies: “Transcending Genre”
    • ATA, San Francisco: “Erik Davis on Philip K. Dick”


    • ATA, San Francisco: “H.P. Lovecraft at the Movies”
    • Keynote, Gallery of New South Wales, “Space Odysseys”: “Experience Design”
    • Festival de Novas Tendências Musicais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil: “Electronic Subjectivity”
    • ManTRANSforms, Sputnik conference, New York: “Take the Red Pill”
    • ICA, London: “Spirit Dot Net”
    • Engelsberg Seminar on “The Future of Religion”, Avesta, Sweden: “The Spiritual Cyborg”
    • Cal State Hayward, lecture: “New Media”
    • Mind States II, Berkeley: MC and lecture on “Psychedelic Culture”
    • Stanford University, lecture: “Techgnosis”