The Psychedelic Sangha began with a series of performance happenings and community discourses stirred up by the groovy freak teacher Doc Kelley, who know runs the crew with the photographer and music writer Ethan Covey.  Last month the PS kids put out Sounds from the Bardo, vol. 1. This hour-long multimedia release grew out of a series of live “Bardo Baths” the crew staged in Brooklyn back in Ye Olde Days — feral sound-baths, inspired by Leary and The Psychedelic Experience, which wove guided vajra meditations into improvised sound-and-light shows. For this long track, entitled “Born in the Kali Yuga,” they invited me to provide the opening meditation, which invites listeners to float down the stream of psych-folk musician Prana Crafter’s hazy, crazy, rainforest surge. Purchasers can also download a matching visual score by the designer and animation wizard Aubrey Nehring. O nobly born, what could avail you more?