I am really chuffed that I got to record a conversation with Earl Fontainelle, host of one of the most ambitious, focused, and engaging nerdcasts out there: the SHWEP, or Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast. Earl, who has a dry wit and a capacious noggin, has committed to tracing the literally enchanting currents of esoteric thought and practice carefully and more or less chronologically. Over a hundred episodes in, and the SHWEP has only just reached late antiquity. Occasionally, however, Earl breaks ranks and talks to folks about more modern mysteries. Last month he invited me to record one of these “oddcasts” along with a mutual friend, the bookseller Eddy Nix. We talked about Robert Anton Wilson, Crowley, and 70s esoteric culture. If you join SHWEP — and why not? — you can hear further discussion about the Chapel Perilous that seems to have swallowed us up.