December 2, 2010

Antonio Lopez graciously interviewed me for Reality Sandwich about Nomad Codes, my new collection. Read the whole thing…

AL: What is the nomadic impulse that underlies these particular writings?

ED: When I went to college in the 80s, the “nomad” was a trendy concept. For me the nomad is still an image of movement and transformation, but not necessarily joy. It might just be the way it is, or because you have no choice, like that sense of restlessness that’s so evident in a place like LA. A lot of the stuff that interests me — ecstatic experience, magic, religion, intense music, beauty, weirdness, travel as pilgrimage — is a kind of transport, a way to move from here to there, or at least away from here, wherever here may be. I’ve been a lot of places, though I have only “lived” in a few. But my writing too is nomadic in a way — I have written a lot of different genres, in different voices….