I did this podcast interview with the very cool James Jesso last August, when we hung out at the Ozora festival. I was very impressed with James, both his talks–clear, grounded, critical, compassionate–and his conversation. I quite enjoyed this interview, which continued to work ideas I presented in my talk “Reality Liquified.”  Here is what James had to say about the conversation on his website.

Balance is needed between order and chaos for life as we know it to survive. This is the foundation of a problem we are facing as a global civilization: the once well-ordered pattern of group perceptions we might call ‘objective reality’ is dissolving away in the modern era of digital news media, massive access to information, and the (justified) questioning of cultural traditions that forged us into who we are.

This dissolution of objective reality, as our guest Erik Davis puts it, is worrisome but also, perhaps, a great opportunity for the positive transformation of human society and its relationship to the planetary ecology we are intricately woven into. He is on the show to share what he sees are the essential skills we need to navigate the chaos of a reality liquified.