I hosted the Expanding Mind podcast for about a decade, and over the years it developed a passionate following. We went high and low: drugs, media, magick, dharma, doom metal, dreams. I like to think the show helped inspire a host of intelligent podcasts devoted to the peculiar edges of consciousness and culture, like Weird Studies and Future Fossils, whose continuing excellence makes me feel OK about suspending my show. And for those who miss Expanding Mind: another Erik Davis podcast will happen before too long I promise! (“Yeah yeah, Davis, we have heard that before…”)

Sadly, due to the growing Internet gremlin problem, it is no longer possible — for now at least — to listen to EM episodes here at techgnosis.com. But fear not! The most recent one hundred episodes of the show are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. But the real motherload lies over at Podbean, which hosted the podcast from the beginning and has shows back to 2010. Sadly many of the earliest episodes have disappeared into the ether — those pesky gremlins again — though the sound quality back then could get pretty wretched so maybe its just as well.

I invite you to dive on in!